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Back-to-Work Tools for Businesses and Employers

This page is designed for businesses, chambers of commerce, and other business groups that would like to investigate the connection between good transportation services for workers and local businesses’ success.

Businesses can benefit in a variety of ways when they become invested in transportation solutions for their employees. For example, businesses can minimize employee turnover caused by a lack of reliable transportation—and save thousands of dollars on subsequent recruitment and retraining costs. Businesses can also reduce costly employee late arrivals and absenteeism due to transportation issues, as well as maximize employee recruitment catchment areas by optimizing regional transportation options to work.

  • Use this assessment tool to better understand the extent to which efficient, reliable transportation options can support your company’s success. (Combine the results of your assessment with those of other businesses to get a broader indication of where transportation services can be strengthened.)
  • After you complete the assessment, use the links below to explore ways in which your company can participate in fostering more effective transportation options.
      • To explore the potential of good transportation options to support your company and others, consider joining forces with your colleagues to
        • Communicate your company’s transportation needs, as well as your vision for employee transportation
        • Learn whether there is a local group already tackling these transportation issues and join in the discussion
        • Spearhead a work group dedicated to resolving job access mobility challenges

Others—such as workforce development and economic development agencies,  transportation experts, and job seekers themselves—may already be working on solutions. Learn more from their perspective on at the Back-to-Work Toolkit home page.

        • It’s exciting and rewarding to be able to design new or expanded transportation services. We’ll help you through this process with our Guide to Design Thinking.

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