Workforce Development

Back-to-Work Tools for Workforce Development Professionals

This page is designed for workforce development staff—job developers, career specialists, business service representatives, and supervisors—and others who connect job seekers with employment and training opportunities.

What are the transportation challenges of the job seekers you serve? How often is a lack of transportation a barrier to their getting a job?

  • Use the Connect-Ability assessment tool for the workforce sector to guide you in creating a clear picture of the extent to which transportation prevents job-seeking customers from connecting to employment, and the resources that are available in your agency to assist them.  (Combine the results of your assessment using the Connect-Ability summary sheet with other colleagues to get a broader picture of these unmet transportation needs.)
  • After you complete the assessment, use the links below to explore ways in which your agency can help job seekers find the transportation services that will help them be successful in achieving their work and training goals.
      • If you find your workforce participants could benefit from additional types of transportation services in your community, consider joining force with others to identify what those services could look like.  You can do this by
        • Capturing and communicating the transportation needs facing your job-seeking customers and business customers
        • Learning whether there is a local group already tackling these transportation issues and join in the discussion
        • Spearheading a work group dedicated to resolving job access mobility challenges

Others—such as businesses, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, transportation experts, and job seekers themselves—may already be working on solutions. Learn more from their perspective on at the Back-to-Work Toolkit home page.

        • It’s exciting and rewarding to be able to design new or expanded transportation services. We’ll help you through this process with our Guide to Design Thinking.

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